Our Week 25/03/2019 - 29/03/2019

The children have been developing their mathematical skills...
IMG_6643jpg         IMG_6648jpg        IMG_6657 4jpg
We worked out that we have 5 boy chicks, 4 girls and that 5 add 4 equals 9! We also compared the 2 groups of chicks, looking at which set had 'more' or less'. 

We thought of names for the chicks, then took a class vote. The winning names were...
1. Cheep
2. Chickaletta
3. Rosie
4. Fluffy
5. Sunshine 
6. Beaky 
7. Chicken Little
8. Paul 
9. Chicky

The children drew wild life pictures...
IMG_6580jpg               IMG_6584 1jpg              IMG_7010JPG
We found out what happened in our eggsperiment and the results were eggciting!
The children's predictions were correct! The egg expanded and the shell broke down. We examined the egg and found that it now had a soft shell and we could see the yolk. 

We decided to take the experiment further to see what happened if we dropped the soft shell egg and a hard shell egg from a height. The prediction was, the soft shell egg would not break... 

Both eggs broke, however one cracked and the other one popped!

We talked about foods that are good for us and thought the chicks might like to try some healthy snacks. The children prepared fruit and vegetables...
IMG_6597 2jpg          IMG_6608 2jpg         IMG_6591 2jpg
and we found out chicks love banana and carrot peel! 

We remeasured the chicks and they have doubled in size in just one week...
IMG_6756jpg          IMG_6777jpg
We measured ourselves and found out we weigh about 4000 times more than our chicks. Now that is a big number!

The children have also been practising their sequencing skills.....
However the question still remains...which came first, the chicken or the egg?

The children currently learning their letter sounds were introduced to 'h' for hen
and our readers worked with the double blend 'ch'.  
Our Living Egg display...
We have sadly had to say goodbye to our chicks, however we know they will be well looked after in the farms they are being relocated to.