Our Week 01/04/2019 - 05/04/2019

In preparation for our visit from the Easter Bunny, we have been learning all about rabbits. 

We found out what a female (Mummy), male (Daddy) and baby rabbit is called...


The children learnt about the parts of a rabbit, then matched pairing cards and labels.

After finding out rabbits have finely-tuned senses e.g. a rabbit can see behind itself without moving it's head! We engaged in activities to sharpen our own...
IMG_7327JPG          IMG_7331JPG          IMG_7348JPG
The children developed their sense of sound matching the sound cylinders. Their sense of touch, pairing 3D solids blindfolded with the stereognostic bag and sight, grading colours with colour box 3. 

We learnt that wild rabbits live in burrows and domestic (pet) rabbits live in hutches. The children then developed their problem solving and team work skills, making their own 'hutch' for our home corner. 


We learnt rabbits can jump as high as 4 ft and up to 15 ft horizontally! The children then put their jumping skills to the test. They marked their jumps against a 15 ft measuring tape and recorded their jump distance.
IMG_7221JPG      IMG_7238JPG
(children have written their initials next to their distances)

We also added the final touches to our new flower bed. The children will tend to the seedlings and flowers, observing growth and change. 

After waiting with bated breath, the Easter Bunny finally came to visit! The children had lots of fun making Easter baskets, taking part in our egg hunt and making nest cakes. 
IMG_7381jpg      IMG_7376jpg     IMG_7372JPG 

Have a wonderful Easter and we look forward to seeing you all for another eggsciting term!